T-Profile Elements

Completely Self-Cleaning Elements

Extricom Extrusion has engineered a variation of the Erdmenger screw design that is still completely self-cleaning.

The idea for our concept is based on a generalization of the co-rotating, tightly intermeshing geometries. As a result, the screws have an asymmetric cross-sectional profile with two different channel depths and two different gaps between the screws and the barrel.

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  Material transport with lower shear rates

  Reduction of local shear and temperature peaks

  Increased throughput capabilities due to lower product temperatures

  Less mechanical and thermal stress on the product

  Less mechanical wear on the extruder



  • Advanced dispersive mixing by increasing elongational flow effects
  • Improved product quality at reduced specific energy consumption
  • Advanced distributive mixing through additional splitting of product flows
  • Increased heat transfer coefficient
  • Gentle welting of fillers and fibers at minimal mechanical stress


  • Improved surface renewal maximizes degassing efficiency