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Troubleshooting Hard-To-Feed Ingredients in Plastics Compounding

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series June 3rd, 2020 This webinar will be presented by Andy Kovats from Brabender Technologies, a leading supplier of feeders and metering equipment for extrusion systems. The presentation will begin with a discussion of how to characterize dry materials typically used in plastic

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Overcoming Feed Limitations

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series Increasing the production rate for feed-limited applications of twin-screw extruders is often related to venting of entrained air from the extruder barrel. This webinar identifies several options to increase capacity when the extruder is volumetrically-limited. Most of these ‘opportunities’ are related to

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Basics of Strand Pelletizing

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series This webinar will be presented by Matt Bishop from Bay Plastics Machinery, manufacturers of strand pelletizing systems. An overview of strand pelletizing will be presented including water bath, air knife and strand cutting technologies. The presentation will also offer solutions for most

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