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Twin-Screw Extruders for Pharma Applications

An introduction to Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) and melt granulation for both immediate and controlled release pharmaceutical applications will be presented. The concept of solid solutions/solid dispersion will be discussed in addition to some of the challenges to bring such products to market. The webinar will be

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Purging and Cleaning Twin-Screw Extruders

We are often asked to recommend products and/or procedures for purging and cleaning twin-screw elements and barrels. This webinar will review some of the more common purging/cleaning methods, tools and products available to facilitate quick removal of polymer residue within the machine to eliminate cross contamination. REGISTER

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Maintenance Best Practices

This webinar provides recommendations for a preventive maintenance program to maximize uptime for your twin-screw extruder. Topics include gearbox lubrication, screw/barrel wear monitoring, barrel heating/cooling system and instrumentation. Maintenance personnel are encouraged to attend this informative one-hour presentation. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR

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