The RingExtruder RE®

Challenging shear-sensitive applications in continuous compounding of rubber, PET-Recycling & adhesives.

The RingExtruder’s technology is based on 12 screw shafts, arranged symmetrically in a ring rotating in the same direction, each on its own axis. This composition largely compensates the spreading forces known in multi-screw extruders and therefore reduces barrel and screw wear.

We have engineered and patented the RingExtruder RE® for shear-sensitive continuous compounding of rubber, degassing of post-consumer PET-bottles in PET bottle to bottle recycling and the challenging mixing of adhesives. The RingExtruder XPV Series is our latest technology which has an improved cooling system.


  Superior dispersive and distributive mixing

 Excellent degassing

 Extraordinary temperature and residence time control

 Reduced energy input and lower operating costs

 Self-cleaning for fast changeover times

 Turnkey systems on request


 Continuous compounding of rubber for High Performance and Green Tires



  PVC and cable compounds

  Human and pet food