Our Sidefeeder
with High Output

The High Output Sidefeeder increases your productivity and your product quality.

Our High Output Sidefeeder is a customer specific solution we developed that increases your productivity and product quality. The sidefeeder serves to add fillers, reinforcing agents, pigments, flame retardants or further that cannot be taken in at the beginning of the processes due to quality or quantity reasons.

It is designed to adapt easily to all OEM brands and types and can be individually adapted to the requirements of throughput rate, available space and the connection dimensions to the sidefeed barrel of the main extruder.

With the new High Output technology, powder can be added to the extruder while simultaneously deaerating.

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Applications & Advantages

   Split feeding of fillers and reinforcing agents or pigments

   Adding of glass or other fibers

   Gentle processing of additives like flame retardants

   Reducing wear costs in the melting section of the main extruder

   Improving product quality

  Increasing throughput rate of the extrusion line

  Easy replacement of obsolete sidefeeder


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