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Find out here where you can meet us and the entire CPM Extrusion Group at the next Trade Show or Conference worldwide. Want to join a Century Extrusion Training Seminar or Workshop?  Check out the seminars where we are presenting:

Troubleshooting Hard-To-Feed Ingredients in Plastics Compounding

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series June 3rd, 2020 This webinar will be presented by Andy Kovats from Brabender Technologies, a leading supplier of feeders and metering equipment for extrusion systems. The presentation will begin with a discussion of how to characterize dry materials typically used in plastic

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Overcoming Feed Limitations

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series Increasing the production rate for feed-limited applications of twin-screw extruders is often related to venting of entrained air from the extruder barrel. This webinar identifies several options to increase capacity when the extruder is volumetrically-limited. Most of these ‘opportunities’ are related to

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Basics of Strand Pelletizing

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series This webinar will be presented by Matt Bishop from Bay Plastics Machinery, manufacturers of strand pelletizing systems. An overview of strand pelletizing will be presented including water bath, air knife and strand cutting technologies. The presentation will also offer solutions for most

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Twin-Screw Extruder Instrumentation and Controls

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series The webinar presentation will provide an overview of basic extruder instrumentation, alarms and interlocks and will cover control system architecture, PLC platforms (e.g. AB, Siemens), communication protocols and integration of related upstream and downstream auxiliary equipment. Examples of HMI control screens showing

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AMI Compounding World Expo

The Compounding World Expo will return to the MESSE ESSEN in Germany from 7 – 8 October 2020. This event brings together professionals from across the compounding industry for two days of networking, knowledge sharing and innovation. Your free ticket provides admission to the largest concentration of

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Underwater Pelletizing Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

Century Extrusion 2020 Webinar Series This webinar will be presented by Maag America’s Gala Division, a global manufacturer of underwater pelletizing systems. The presentation will provide an overview of underwater pelletizing basics and some discussion regarding number of die holes required, die plate designs and related processing

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