Innovation Lab

Newly designed state-of-the-art technical centre

The newly designed state-of-the-art technical centre reflects the comprehensive scope of supply of the CPM Extrusion Group. In total, it contains four different co-rotating extruders. Depending on the process requirements, we can test with these different extruders:

  • RE 1 XPV, L/D ratio of 34 or 100, for special requirements like reactive extrusion
  • RE 3 XPV, L/D ratio of 37 or 55, used successfully in rubber, rPET industries and other
  • RXT 35, L/D ratio of 48, cost effective compounder for price sensitive markets
  • CXE 45, L/D ratio of 48, ultra-high torque machine with an outer to inner screw diameter ratio of 1,55


Due to the wide variation of machinery and auxiliary devices, our customers’ R&D and application team are able to develop a wide range of products, recipes, processes and applications.

Together with our experienced lab team we can help to define material properties and process parameters in an early stage and therefore find the optimal cost-benefit solution.

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 Optimizing your process in a playground which fosters innovation,

 Surrounded by our R&D, service and laboratory team, 

 Wide range of aggregates, auxiliary devices and laboratory devices,

 Risk mitigation by an in-detail development of the process and a deep understanding of the required process conditions which is required for the scale-up to the production equipment.


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