For more than 30 years, we have been providing standard and special designs for nearly every OEM brand on the market. Especially with the barrels the material used suitable to wear protection is key. Both abrasive and corrosive material removal must be considered. The interaction with the screw plays a major role at this. Our High Performance barrels are extremely successful in our barrels product range.

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Our High Performance barrels take 2 key points into account:


  • We have put high priority on the development of advanced construction materials and the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes.


  • We offer a high value of selection and experience in barrels. We manufacture barrels ranging from 18 mm to 180 mm in diameter for most major brands of twin-screw extruders in the market worldwide. Our offering includes parts for all configuration including: round, rectangular, flanged, non-flanged, clamshell and other designs for any special application.